NBC Sports Has Lost It

NBC Sports just came out with their rankings for this upcoming season. They ranked the "top 32" quarterbacks in the league. I'm sure many of you looked at this list like I did, and thought who from NBC made this, and are they still employed. They did however get the top six correct in my... Continue Reading →

“Cops” March 11, 1989-June 9, 2020

"Gone too soon." "Heroes get remembered, but legends never die." "Why are you so sweaty?...I was watching Cops.'" These are just a few quotes that come to mind when I think about the abrupt ending to "Cops." It wasn't enough that Paramount took Spike away from us. They had to make our lives worse. As... Continue Reading →

A Time for Change: Be a Better You

The events of this past week have separated those who are fine with what is happening in our country and those of us who are not. They have proven that the divide in our country continues to grow out of control. They have taught us the meanings of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.... Continue Reading →

Golf needs more of what took place Sunday

Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson, Tom Brady, and Peyton Manning put on a show this past Sunday. The televised broadcast of the foursome was incredibly unique. All four players were mic’d up, had cameras in each of their golf carts, and would occasionally converse with the broadcast crew. Watching it felt as if the viewers were... Continue Reading →

Michael Jordan in Today’s NBA

Michael Jordan is a man who is known as the G.O.A.T , Air Jordan, his Airness, and so many other nicknames. He changed the landscape of basketball in the United States, and over seas. Unfortunately, we will never see another Michael Jordan, because he was a once in a lifetime type of player. The things... Continue Reading →

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