NFL Mock Draft 3.0

This is it! The final mock draft from Top Shelf Takes. Since Mock Draft 2.0 was released, there haven't been any significant signings or trades which is good because that makes my jobs little easier. I do, however, feel that there will be some shakeups throughout the Draft when it finally gets here this Thursday.... Continue Reading →

NFL Mock Draft 2.0

It is officially the month of April. Right now, we should be engulfed in upcoming Final Four match-ups of the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament, the NBA regular season winding down and getting ready post(choke)season for LeBron except 2016, and the best golf tournament in the history of mankind, the Masters. All of those things are... Continue Reading →

Thank you, NFL Offseason

It has only been a week since the sports world decided to shut its doors due to the coronavirus. The world is literally upside down. I was hoping to be long gone before multiple days without sports would exist but here we are. I understand completely and wholeheartedly agree with the recommendations to shut sports... Continue Reading →

NFL Mock Draft

Making a mock draft with this kind of free agency, the new CBA deal, and the fact that the coronavirus is taking over the world really makes this one of the hardest tasks I have ever taken on. But you gotta do what you gotta do. Coming away from this combine, we learned that this... Continue Reading →

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