“Cops” March 11, 1989-June 9, 2020

"Gone too soon." "Heroes get remembered, but legends never die." "Why are you so sweaty?...I was watching Cops.'" These are just a few quotes that come to mind when I think about the abrupt ending to "Cops." It wasn't enough that Paramount took Spike away from us. They had to make our lives worse. As... Continue Reading →

A Time for Change: Be a Better You

The events of this past week have separated those who are fine with what is happening in our country and those of us who are not. They have proven that the divide in our country continues to grow out of control. They have taught us the meanings of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.... Continue Reading →

2020 NFL Draft Recap: Winners and Losers

The first ever virtual NFL Draft was a success to say the least. According to multiple sources, the draft had over 55 million viewers over the three-day period making this draft the most ever watched. The fact the NFL pulled this off with virtually (no pun intended) zero hiccups, is incredible. I pretty much had... Continue Reading →

NFL Mock Draft 3.0

This is it! The final mock draft from Top Shelf Takes. Since Mock Draft 2.0 was released, there haven't been any significant signings or trades which is good because that makes my jobs little easier. I do, however, feel that there will be some shakeups throughout the Draft when it finally gets here this Thursday.... Continue Reading →

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