Meet the Takers

The Boss

The Man, the Myth, the Boss. Founder and Boss of all things TST. Opinions are properly filtered through Jameson. Really banking on it being 5 o’clock somewhere right now.


They call me Bill. CEO of giving opinions you never asked for. Moderate/Independent. PC culture advocate. More of a Jameson Mule guy myself.

John Guinn

US Soccer/Cybersecurity analyst, country music fan, Director of IT at

Kyle Gibson

Washed up college athlete, NBA 2K legend, and sports gambling enthusiast. Here to have a good time and fill your minds with unsolicited thoughts and opinions. “Raise Hell Praise Dale and drink some beer.”


Kinda funny. Degenerate gambler, lover of hockey, and born an SEC football fan. “You’re not a disappointment, you’re just a piece of shit” -my boss.

Big Dave

If the bar has a piano I’m there with a rum and coke. Professional rage golfer , NFL and NBA fanatic. Patrick Mahomes signed the front of my jersey but I still love him. Crown Royal is my drink.

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