2020 Bowl Mania Picks

It’s been a long journey but we have finally made it to the finish line of the college football season. Hopefully, we can complete all of the bowl games before COVID decides to ruin this element of normalcy. We already have around 16 bowl games canceled and a number of teams opting out of post-season play. The fear that more games could possibly get canceled as well as teams choosing not to play is very real. So let’s just hope that the current bowl schedule remains untarnished except….the last 24 hours has been hell for Army football. The bowl selection committee without a brain cell failed to put Army football into a bowl game with a 9-2 regular season record. This was probably due to the Independence Bowl, the bowl game either Army or Navy is usually selected to play in, was canceled. However, Army football only lost to Cincinnati and Tulane this season who were both selected to play in a bowl game. Luckily, after media outrage and Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy publicly offering to sponsor a bowl game, Army was finally able to find someone to play in the Liberty Bowl against West Virginia.

Another thing before I get to my picks. I have huge problems with the top four this year as well as the New Years 6 selections, namely Iowa State over Indiana. I also have a few correct, righteous takes about college football and why it is dying and what the NCAA as well as the media outlets should do in order to save the most sacred sport in all of sports history. I will talk more about this after the college football season is over and I am able to recap the season and give my takeaways (this will be discussed on the podcast and blog). Nevertheless, it is time to make my official picks (barring any changes dues to COVID of course).

College Football Playoff

(1) Alabama v. (4) Notre Dame – Rose Bowl
Winner: Alabama (-3.5)

(2) Clemson v. (3) Ohio State – Sugar Bowl
Winner: Clemson (-7.5)

National Championship
(1) Alabama v. (2) Clemson
Winner: Alabama (-3.5)

Rest of New Year’s Six

Cotton Bowl – (6) Oklahoma v. (7) Florida
Winner: Oklahoma (+3.5)

Peach Bowl – (8) Cincinnati v. (9) Georgia
Winner: Cincinnati (+6.5)

Fiesta Bowl – (25) Oregon v. (10) Iowa State
Winner: Iowa State (-4.5)

Orange Bowl – (5) Texas A&M v. (13) North Carolina
Winner: Texas A&M (-6.5)

Other Bowl Games

Myrtle Beach – Appalachian State v. North Texas
Winner: Appalachian State (-7.5)

Idaho Potato – Tulane v. Nevada
Winner: Nevada (-3.5)

Boca Raton – UCF v. BYU
Winner: BYU (-14.5)

New Orleans – Louisiana Tech v. Georgia Southern
Winner: Georgia Southern (-11)

Montgomery – Memphis v. FAU
Winner: Memphis (-9)

New Mexico – Houston v. Hawaii
Winner: Houston (-11)

Camellia – Buffalo v. Marshall
Winner: Buffalo (-4.5)

Cure – Coastal Carolina v. Liberty
Winner: Coastal Carolina (-7.5)

Gasparilla – South Carolina v. UAB
Winner: UAB (-3.5)

First Responder – Louisiana v. UTSA
Winner: Louisiana (-14)

Lending Tree – Western Kentucky v. Georgia State
Winner: Western Kentucky (+4)

Cheez-It – Miami (FL) v. Oklahoma State
Winner: Oklahoma State (-2.5)

Alamo – Texas v. Colorado
Winner: Texas (-9.5)

Duke’s Mayo – Wake Forest v. Wisconsin
Winner: Wisconsin (-6.5)

Music City – Missouri v. Iowa
Winner: Missouri (+15)

Armed Forces – Mississippi State v. Tulsa
Winner: Tulsa (-2.5)

Arizona – Ball State v. San Jose State
Winner: San Jose State (-7.5)

Liberty – Army v. West Virginia
Winner: Army (+7.5)

Texas – TCU v. Arkansas
Winner: TCU (-6.5)

Citrus – Auburn v. Northwestern
Winner: Northwestern (-3.5)

Gator – Kentucky v. N.C. State
Winner: Kentucky (-2.5)

Outback – Ole Miss v. Indiana
Winner: Indiana (-6.5)

Spreads brought to you by DraftKings. Subject to change. I’m biased with some of my picks so if you don’t like them that’s on you. Happy Bowl Season!

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