Western Conference Finals Prediction

Well how in the world did we get here… I’m glad I decided to wait until after Game 7 to write this. Before I start I feel like I’m obligated to bash on the Clippers real quick. That was the biggest collapse in the history of the NBA and you could argue in sports history. To be up 3-1 when you have the superior talent, and not only that, but to have a double digit lead in all 3 of the final games they lost. You add all that with the most embarrassing 4th quarter in the history of the sport. Everyone deserves blame and if it were me personally I would not bring back Doc Rivers next year.

Okay lets get to the teams who will actually be playing tonight. If you were to just look at this match up face up you would easily say that the Lakers will win convincingly. Vegas has them as huge favorites. Don’t make the same mistake the Clippers did in underestimating this team though. One thing we definitely know is that they will not quit and will fight you till the very end as they’ve shown twice already. Nikola Jokic is a star and Jamal Murray is a rising star that has played like a superstar thus far in the bubble. They will have to be great for the Nuggets to have any chance against the Lakers. Here is where that becomes a problem. Jokic was able to dominate against the Clippers because whoever guarded him was either too slow or too small. The Lakers will throw multiple bodies at him and when it comes down to it they will be able to put Anthony Davis on him. Davis has size and speed so it will be interesting to watch when those two are matched up. The Lakers have also proven that they can defend the perimeter well against great guards and make it tough for them. I feel like this could be a very tough series for Jamal Murray. The Nuggets being able to defend Lebron and Davis is also a major cause for concern. Those two have been absolutely dominate throughout the playoffs and Denver doesn’t have a guy they can put on them to make it really tough. I would say the Lakers will need to shoot well from 3 in this series but as long as they don’t shoot horribly they will be in every game till the end. That’s how good of a defensive team they are. I shouldn’t underestimate the Nuggets but based on what I’ve seen this postseason the Lakers are clearly the better team. I also think they are mentally tough and won’t mess around like the Clippers did which eventually lost them the series.

Lakers in 5

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