A Year Without College Football

Yes, I know it’s not official, but the way things are looking, we might not have college football come this fall. On Monday, the heads of the Power 5 conferences met to discuss whether or not there should be a CFB season. Previously, these conferences elected to play only in-conference games due to COVID-19. Earlier this summer, the NCAA set forth certain COVID-19 guidelines for schools to abide by in their preparation for sports to resume and seasons to played this fall. Now, something has changed the minds of CFB’s heads to contemplate not having a season at all with the Big 10 and Pac 12 conferences leading this charge. The hypocrisy behind sports has got to end. So far, we have seen it in almost every sport that has made its way back to play regardless of the capacity.

The Big 10 and Pac 12 have both canceled their seasons so far. I guess they technically elected to move to the spring but that’s all b.s. in my opinion. If you don’t play in the fall, you’re not going to play in the spring and then play a few months later in the fall of 2021. Come on, I can’t be the only one who can’t seem to add this all up. Even other FBS and FCS are not playing in the fall. Of course, there are smaller Group of Five and Independents who have decided to forgo the 2020 season and either prepare for the spring of 2021 or just wait until the fall of 2021.

There are so many aspects to a single college football season other than just what happens on the field. I’m talking jobs, money, businesses, the economies of entire towns, etc. So much is at stake if there is not a season. Yes, it is understandable to be concerned for the health and safety of the players during a pandemic, but the science is there that shows this particular age group has a far better chance of getting over COVID than most. In fact, those who decide to play the sport of football, are far more likely to become injured or hurt while playing the game than they are from contracting COVID. Seriously, check out the numbers. It’s fascinating.

League officials only have themselves to blame. No one else. They are sending kids back to their homes where they are not safe and more likely to contract the virus. Some players were looking to showcase their abilities this season in order to get drafted this next spring. Unfortunately, that’s not going to happen. I mean, was I the only one who saw numerous players and coaches from all across the college football landscape voice their displeasure with the possibility of not having a season, in fact, begging for football this fall?

247sports released article giving us 25 reasons why there should be a college football season. Every single point they make could not be more accurate. In fact, I will add one. College football the bread and butter of our nation. Not only has it created some of the most iconic moments in all of sports, the historical aspect of the sport can be traced back for generations. The names of teams can be traced back to the history of their respective state. The rivalries have been embedded in fan after fan for decades. The passion and energy is literally like no other sport.

College football has been around longer than any other sport. College football has survived both World Wars, the Great Depression, racial segregation, the Vietnam draft, and in the midst of 9/11. College football brings people together from all walks of life. Random people, who wouldn’t know you from an ordinary Dick and Tom at the supermarket, could become your best friend just by sharing the same college football team. You two could be rivals in another sport but in college football, that other rivalry means nothing.

I am making it known that fall is canceled with the cancellation of college football. I was prepared for the cancellations of fall festivals, tailgates, even the old pumpkin patches and corn maizes. All I asked for was for a college football season in some sort of way which, according to numerous experts, could definitely be done.

Will teams in the Big 10 look to jump ship for a season or even permanently? From the looks of it: Nebraska, Iowa, Ohio State, and Penn State all are very displeased with their league’s ruling. The Pac 12 is using this as an off-season to find their football identity. They haven’t found it since Oregon in 2014. But that doesn’t mean there shouldn’t be a college football season for them to actually see what they got and improve.

I’m not sure if any of what I just said makes any sense. This whole not having college football is nonsense. I’m writing this in a fit of rage and my thoughts and emotions are all jumbled, I can’t think clearly. Fortunately, now you can see of all the great things we will be missing out on because of the 1% of college football is dictating the opposite its own coaches, players, and fans want. We can only hope the SEC, ACC, and Big 12 decide to stick it out and play football this September. I need college football. You need college football. America needs college football.

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