Top 5 NFL Teams to Land Antonio Brown

The now infamous WR around the NFL, Antonio Brown, has been found in recent headlines concerning the possibility of his return to the league. In July, Brown took to Twitter and retired from the game. He couldn’t take all the b.s. anymore. Well, not even a week later, Brown was back on Twitter essentially un-retiring and expressing his intent to make a comeback. However, the former All-Pro WR will have to wait eight games before he can think of stepping into the spotlight…if he plays. As a result of multiple violations of the NFL’s conduct policy, the NFL handed down the eight game suspension in late July which Brown is not expected to appeal. This suspension takes place regardless of whether or not Brown plays this coming season.

Assuming that he is to play, here are the teams Brown will likely play on:

(5) Houston Texans

The likelihood of this happening is very low. Of course, there is an obvious need for a playmaking WR in Houston. The departure of All-Pro WR DeAndre Hopkins and the inconsistency of WR Will Fuller’s health are cause for concern for HC Bill O’Brien and company. QB Deshaun Watson is looking for a contract extension and a hefty payday this season. Now, Kansas City Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes new contract doesn’t help the Texans in that situation nor does the lack of offensive playmakers help neither the team nor Watson in achieving what they want in 2020. Adding Antonio Brown would help Watson solidify his position as a top tier QB in the league and justify his reason for a nice payday. Simultaneously, the Texans will have the firepower on offense to help translate that offensive success into wins. With over $20M in cap space, the Texans could get this done. But it just doesn’t seem likely.

(4) Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Another unlikely pick but is ranked higher purely based on the relationship between Brown and QB Tom Brady; the Bucs offense is already one of the most lethal offenses in the league and adding Brown would be simply unfair to everyone else. It would be the dream team of offenses and could easily break so many records. Unfortunately, HC Bruce Arians has come out and said that he has no interest in adding Brown to the 2020 Bucs squad due to his off field antics and negative attitude. Perhaps a change could come as Brady works to persuade his new HC, but one could only dream.

(3) Green Bay Packers

The Packers spending money on talent? Ha. To me, Green Bay is essentially the St. Louis Cardinals of the NFL, in that, when it comes to the off-season, they will rarely go and spend big money on a piece of talent, always opting for talent within or, in this case, the NFL draft. However, with WR Devin Funchess opting out of the 2020 NFL season due to COVID-19, there is a real need for a reliable #2 receiver behind WR Davante Adams. In order for Green Bay to repeat their 2019 success, they will have to find ways to improve offensively and maximize QB Aaron Rodgers playmaking ability while they still have it. Antonio Brown is that guy in need for the Packers. His playmaking ability and energy can help Green Bay’s chances of repeating as NFC North champions and getting back to the NFC Championship game.

(2) Baltimore Ravens

These next two teams are the front runners and really should be 1a and 1b because I can see Brown going with either of them. QB Lamar Jackson has repeatedly said he wants to play with Brown. Not to mention, the Ravens’ up-and-coming star WR, Marquise “Hollywood” Brown, is cousins with Antonio. Having Brown on an already stellar offense would more than likely put the Ravens up with the Chiefs at the top of the AFC. The Ravens would do well to add a deep ball threat other than “Hollywood” Brown, and given Willie Snead’s injury history, it could add some much needed depth and comfortability for Jackson. Giving Jackson another weapon like Brown to work his magic could easily help this young core of skill players blossom into the future of the league. Lastly, just imagine the games where Baltimore goes into Pittsburgh. That atmosphere against Brown will be like none other. I will for sure be checking Brown’s Twitter after that game.

(1) Seattle Seahawks

As I said earlier, I wouldn’t be surprised if either Baltimore or Seattle signs Antonio Brown. However, I give the Seahawks the edge for a couple of reasons. 1. Let’s be real. Antonio Brown is a PR nightmare. I do not see Baltimore wanting to do anything to hurt their chances of keeping that young, talented core intact for the long term. Not saying that Brown alone could be the one to do all of that but you never know. 2. Brown already has an established relationship with QB Russell Wilson who has been vocal of adding Brown. Also, HC Pete Carroll has given is support in adding Brown. 3. The Seahawks are in “win now” mode which was apparent in them giving an arm and a leg for Pro Bowl safety Jamal Adams. Brown teaming up with WR Tyler Lockett and WR D.K. Metcalf would really up Seattle’s playoff hopes in arguably the toughest division in football. Of course, we are talking about the most unpredictable guy in an unpredictable time so there’s no telling where he will end up or even if he will get picked up.

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