NBC Sports Has Lost It

NBC Sports just came out with their rankings for this upcoming season. They ranked the “top 32” quarterbacks in the league. I’m sure many of you looked at this list like I did, and thought who from NBC made this, and are they still employed. They did however get the top six correct in my opinion, without a doubt. Some would want Rodgers over Brees, but I am fine with how they have it. Then we start diving into the rest of the rankings and boy is it a mess. If I just sat here and knit picked at every ranking this would be a 10 page article. Let’s just talk about the obvious huge mistakes.

Tom Brady

Brady at 10 jumps right out at me. We are talking about the G.O.A.T. He is on a team who on paper might be a top 5 offense, with weapons all around him. 6 super bowl rings later, and is still getting disrespected. You’re telling me Ryan Tannehill is better than Brady? That makes me laugh, because the answer is no! Stafford will more than likely miss 11 games this season due to a back injury of some sort, so Brady should be ahead of him too. Same for Carson Wentz, who has never won a playoff game, and squeaks into the playoffs every season, and then gets hurt. Brady should easily be higher than 10, and as high up as 7 even. Hey NBC stop with the disrespect and fix this list!

Joe Burrow

I’m sorry but I have a problem when you put a rookie QB in front of players when they have never played one down of professional football. When you’re ranking Burrow ahead of Mayfield, Darnold, Bridgewater, and Jones, I question you! Do I think Burrow will be successful, yes! Do I think he has earned the right to be ranked ahead of the players I mentioned above, absolutely not. This is just another issue I have with this list, I believe all the QBS I just listed above will have better seasons than Burrow. A highly rated quarterback coming out of college, and becoming a bust happens all the time especially when they have all the pressure being the guy who is supposed to turn the franchise around, so let’s pump the brakes on this one NBC.

Kyler Murray

Murray had a solid rookie season, and now they bring over DeAndre Hopkins. Blasphemes is what that is ranking him 17th, Murray should have a better season than Goff, Jimmy G., and very close to Kirk Cousins. Murray is easily going to be a top 15 guy this season, especially with the new weapons around him. Last seasons offensive rookie of the year, and ranked 13th overall at his position, and you’re telling me he ranks 17th this season? Unbelievable NBC!

Kirk Cousins

Last one I will go over before I lose my mind completely. Cousins is ranked 11th on the list. He had a solid ending to his season after a rough start. However, I’m not liking him ahead of Dak and Matt Ryan for this season. Dak has an even better offense than a year ago, with the additions of CeeDee Lamb, and new head coach Mike McCarthy, his numbers should only go up. He just takes some heat due to losing the division and poor playoff performances. Matt Ryan had another solid throwing season a year ago with 4,466 yards passing and 26 touchdowns. I look for him to actually have some better numbers this season. As for Cousins who doesn’t turn the ball over that much, but has some issues with inconsistent throws, and holding the ball too long. Now he has lost a big time playmaker in Diggs and has offensive line issues, I see him taking a step backwards. He would fit in the 13-17 range more so than number 11.

Wrap up of a Horrific List

Overall NBC really blew it on this list. I know I’m not the only one either because I have read comments on twitter, and other social media platforms that were saying some of the same things. I do think NBC should have someone else give this list a try and see if they can get a more appropriate list for fans, because this list is just making us all shake our heads. Let me know who on this list is most out of place in your opinions, and your thoughts in general! Lastly, let’s not get me going on Mitchell Trubisky being ranked behind Tyrod Taylor!!!

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