Meet Jo Jorgensen – 2020 Libertarian Presidential Candidate

Yes, we do have a presidential nominee in 2020 that is not a dusty, old white man. Her name is Jo Jorgensen. Regardless of your political affiliation, I think it is important to share what you need to know to make an educated decision during these next 5 months before November 3rd. As of now, the only 3 official candidates are Trump, Biden, and Jorgensen.

This coming election is going to be wild, and I think that there is room for a Third-Party candidate to enter the race as the only truly competent candidate in 2020… In 2016, in a similar race with Americans voting for the best of the worst options, Gary Johnson actually had a relatively successful campaign as the Libertarian nominee gained 3.2% of the national vote. This was the highest for the party since 1996, with Ross Perot gaining 8.2% of the national vote as a Libertarian candidate. With the emergence of more self-identified “Libertarians” in recent years as well as many “Leftists” that won’t vote for Biden or Trump due to moral constraints and 36% of the nation identifying as Independent voters, I think the two party system could be on its way out in future elections (but not this year). With this being said, here is your Third-Party frontrunner in 2020.

Disclaimer: If you don’t want to read this information from me, here is the link to her campaign website, but my rundown is pretty legit.

Who is Jo Jorgensen?

Jo Jorgensen (JoJo as many of her supporters call her) is a senior professor of Psychology at Clemson University and a Doctor of Industrial/Organizational Psychology. Her degrees are from Baylor and Southern Methodist University. She has been on the presidential ticket once before. Remember I said 1996 was the Libertarian party’s most successful campaign to date? The VP nominee on Perot’s ticket was Jo Jorgensen. She has also been voting Libertarian since 1980. That loyalty is pretty admirable regardless of success.

What do Libertarians stand for?

In short, freedom to the people, and little government intervention in American lives. Recently, Jorgensen and the Libertarian party resented the stay-at-home orders by states during the COVID-19 pandemic, trusting that people would be responsible enough to stay home on their own. When interviewed by NPR, she referred to the government orders as “house arrest.” Wikipedia lists the numbers of Libertarian members at 609,234 as of this year.

Here is what we know of Jorgensen’s stances and/or the party’s stances on some controversial issues:

Gun Control. Straight up get outta here, commie. Any form of gun control is considered unconstitutional by Libertarians, including licenses, permits, red flag laws, and especially those pesky background checks. Bump stocks and high capacity magazines would probably be fair game. Jorgensen’s pinned tweet for some time said she would abolish the ATF if elected, which is the entity that public gun dealers currently need to be licensed through.

Immigration. The Libertarian party believes any civil peoples are welcome in the United States. To quote directly from Jo’s campaign website: “The freedom to trade and travel are fundamental to human liberty. As American citizens, we should be free to travel anywhere we choose, and to buy and sell anywhere in the world. As President, I will use my Constitutional authority to eliminate trade barriers & tariffs, and work to repeal arbitrary quotas on the number of people who can legally enter the United States to work, visit, or reside.”

Taxation. This picture should speak for itself on her stance. She knows the route of taxation is government spending and actually wants to slash unnecessary budgets to let Americans keep their income.

Abortion. Jorgensen has specifically stated she would not take a stance whether pro-choice or anti-choice during the campaign. She does not believe one or the other should deter voters from joining the party if they disagree. I believe this is because Libertarians are predominantly pro-choice–Like I said, freedom to the people. However, republicans are more likely to swing Libertarian than democrats are, and since many republicans do not support the choice to have an abortion, my thought is that she is abstaining from taking a stance to not lose those potential swing-republican voters that are not supporting Trump in 2020. I think this is bold considering there will more likely than not be a Supreme Court nomination by the next President, and we know that Roe v. Wade was a scolding hot topic in 2019.

Education. Jorgensen would likely cut the budget for the Department of Education and give entirety of that jurisdiction to the states, the people, teachers, and students. Libertarians would say the 10th Amendment gives this power to the states already. I’m admittedly not informed enough to have a very strong opinion either way on this, but other than anti-discrimination policies (e.g. Title IX) and No Child Left Behind, which are already in place, I don’t think the federal government really does anything anyway with regards to Education other than spend federal funds for research.

Drugs. Drugs should be legal, according to Libertarians and JoJo. One of her first acts as President would be to pardon all incarcerations for “so-called drug crimes,” and also any other crimes, for that matter, that had no victims. I personally think decriminalizing certain drugs federally and pardoning those individuals would be an ideal stepping stone first, but I’m not the nominee here.

More about these stances can be found on her campaign website HERE.

And finally, I CANNOT forget to mention the Vice Presidential nominee running with Jorgensen, Jeremy “Spike” Cohen. Below is his Twitter profile picture and all I need to tell you about him. Looks like a pretty free spirit. Wouldn’t really expect anything else from the party defined by liberty. Check out his podcast if you’d like, Muddied Waters of Freedom. I haven’t yet, so if it’s no good, you didn’t get that advice from Top Shelf Takes.

Voting Third-Party this year could have a few different outcomes:

  1. Depending on your least favorite choice between Biden and Trump, not voting for the other could hurt your chances of beating them.
  2. Raising awareness for the need for a Third-Party or more Third-Party candidates.
  3. Elect a Libertarian president and America’s first female president.

This has been a Top Shelf Take on your 2020 Libertarian Presidential Nominee, Jo Jorgensen. Hope this was helpful in some capacity. Comment any thoughts you might have!

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  1. I agree, a lot of fringe republican independents won’t like that she is neutral on abortion, that tends to be a big issue. A move closer to the center without radical views might do her good but it’s going to be so hard to find support anyway.

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