Joe Biden’s Campaign Takes an Interesting Turn

Leading in many swing states, former vice president Joe Biden, has now taken an interesting new campaign tactic. With the presidential election now months away both campaigns are feeling the pressure. Biden to set the referendum on Trump’s character and Trump in turn setting a referendum on Biden’s durability.

Biden won the democratic nomination with a “return to normalcy” campaign, which might fare well in a general election with Donald Trump but according to The New York Times Biden has now taken a different approach. Biden’s opposition in the democratic party was Bernie Sanders who was seen as the party’s most radical candidate. Biden was able to beat out Sanders because many said Sanders was too far to the left in terms of policy.

“With Mr. Biden leading President Trump in the polls, the former vice president and other Democratic leaders are racing to assemble a new governing agenda that meets the extraordinary times — and they agree it must be far bolder than anything the party establishment has embraced before,” The Times reported.

If Biden decides to go farther to the left where Sanders was during the democratic primary he could lose his votes that got him there. The key here is most presidential elections come easier to the candidate that is closer to the center. If Biden indeed tries to go farther left he will risk those moderate voters.

On the flip side Biden could get a younger vote if he takes this Sanders route but from what we saw in 2016 and in this last democratic primary young voters do not come out as much as anticipated. The democratic party has been waiting on the younger vote for quite some time and from the outside looking in it is hard to say when it will come.

Recently Biden has come under fire from many directions. With his recent gaffes to sexual assault allegations he will need a much better performance coming down the stretch.

3 thoughts on “Joe Biden’s Campaign Takes an Interesting Turn

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  1. I think moving left will strengthen his electability. Voter turnout will be higher with more progressive names like AOC backing Biden. I hope he doesn’t totally sell out, because people voted against Bernie for a reason.


    1. I feel like there is a progressive vote out there, I just don’t know if either it’s not very big or the group does not vote. I can also see a divide coming in the democratic party if Biden does not win. I don’t even know how that would happen though.


      1. I personally do not believe Biden moving farther left will put him in better favor with the Democratic Party. We already saw one U.S. Congressman move across the aisle due to the party’s stance on the political spectrum. And we recently witnessed a far-left congresswoman lose her seat in Congress in a special in an election in one of the more progressive states in California. I just feel in order for the Democratic Party to have a chance in taking over the White House, they should focus on remaining as the party in the middle of the road and not fall for the socialist rhetoric spewing from people like AOC, Sanders, and so forth. That will be the death of them.


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