What the hell is going on with Call Her Daddy?

If you use social media, you have probably heard of the Call Her Daddy podcast at some point. It is a less-than-family-friendly podcast where two best friends, Alexandra Cooper and Sofia Franklyn, dive DEEP into their sex lives and relationships for the amusement of others. The podcast has recently had a storm of drama surrounding it, so here is the summary of what the hell is going on, based on Barstool’s El Pres’ (Dave Portnoy) and Sofia’s public takes.

From the beginning:

Call Her Daddy was started as an independent podcast by both Alex and Sofia in March of 2018. They drop a new podcast every week on Wednesdays. Alex was doing all of the editing for the podcast, and based on the fact that she was dating a professional athlete, she had a bigger name, so Alex was discovered by Dave Portnoy, aka El Presidente of Barstool Sports.

The Call Her Daddy girls, aka the Fathers, made a 3-year deal with Barstool Sports in Sept. 2018 in which Barstool would own the Intellectual Property (IP) for “Call Her Daddy.” Basically, Barstool now owned 100% of Call Her Daddy, 90% of any merch they sell, etc. Alex and Sofia had no experience with contracts, so they have later claimed they wouldn’t have made that deal, but El Pres claims Barstool NEVER would have made any deal with them without getting 100% of the IP, so that was the deal that was made… And to be fair, Barstool blew up Call Her Daddy. The podcast was/is a huge hit.

Recap of 2019 (first year with Barstool):

Literally no issues at all. This was pretty much a perfect year for the partnership. Call Her Daddy was massive, Barstool was massive. Merch sales were through the roof including Alex and Sofia halloween costumes, which probably aren’t worth a whole lot anymore due to some of this #TEA that is being spilled. Occasionally the girls would crap on how much money they make in their podcast. Honestly, most listeners would think these girls live like sewer rats based on how they describe it. Dave dropped the numbers, though. In their first years, Alex made $506,000 with Barstool. Sofia made $461,000. This is after all of their merch sale royalties, sponsorships, bonuses, etc. on top of about a $70K salary from what I found online.

What’s the tea?
The girls pretty much went ghost mode for the past 5 to 6 weeks. No episodes have been posted. Obviously fans were wondering what is going on, so the girls started posting things on social media like, “we can’t legally say anything about what’s going on,” yadda yadda yadda, and eventually El Pres drops the bombshell this past Sunday spilling all of this tea.

In early 2020, the girls weren’t happy with their deal. Alex and Sofia wanted their IP back. They wanted to sell their own merch, so Barstool wouldn’t get the majority of the profits. They wanted pretty much everything to be on their own. Great in theory, but what company in their right mind would make that deal after already legally owning them? Not totally sure, but Barstool isn’t one of them.

Call Her Daddy still has 18 months left under contract with Barstool, but apparently the girls have been still sneakily shopping the podcast around to other producers trying to find other deals under a different name, like “The Fathers,” since Barstool owned “Call Her Daddy.” Barstool wouldn’t have let this go down easily, but in any case, these girls were in a very good position of leverage… Due to the coronavirus, El Pres claims that Barstool was/is losing about $100,000 every Wednesday that Call Her Daddy doesn’t air, so he actually came up with a deal for the girls. He offered them pretty much everything they could have possibly wanted. $500K minimum salaries and a 50/50 split so Alex wouldn’t make more, ownership of merch sales, he offered to cut their contract down by 6 months, so they would only have 12 months left, AND he would give them the Intellectual Property of “Call Her Daddy.” We’ll call this the “50/50 offer.” And the girls did NOT take the deal. HOW? WHY? I’ll tell you why, though… Suitman.

For those that have listened to any relatively recent Call Her Daddy episodes, Sofia has been dating a guy only referred to as “Suitman.” I told you that the girls were shopping the podcast around looking for other producers. Well, they had help. Suitman has a lot of connections in the entertainment world. They actually had a deal ready and lined up with another company before El Pres offered that banger of a deal to the girls, which is why they did not immediately accept his offer. El Pres and Alex think Suitman has pretty much been gassing up Sofia to the point where she does not want to make any deal with Barstool no matter how good it is.

So who the hell is Suitman?

Suitman is HBO executive, outspoken hater of Dave Portnoy, the real-life offspring of Lord Farquaad and Quagmire, and boyfriend of Sofia Franklyn, Peter Nelson. He seems to be the biggest wrench in the Call Her Daddy gears, and even worse, he seems to have driven a wedge between Alex and Sofia’s friendship to the point that Sofia might be suing both Barstool and Alex over this next part.

Alex comes to her senses.

Not long after El Pres’ 50/50 offer to Alex and Sofia, Alex met up with Dave one-on-one to talk (behind Sofia’s back according to Sofia). Alex basically said she’d love to stay with Barstool and loves the deal and the offer that El Pres made to her… buuuuut she wants to make it a 75/25 split, because she has been doing the work, carrying Call Her Daddy on her MF back, and Sofia is the one causing all of the drama right now. El Pres was down. He doesn’t really care about the drama between them. He just wants to make money. He even offered the opportunity for them to have separate podcasts.


It is unclear what the future looks like for Call Her Daddy right now. Barstool will continue on with or without them, but will they continue on with or without Barstool? It sounds like the most likely event is that Alex Cooper will join another Barstool podcast or create her own, and Sofia will go a separate way with Suitman, since her and Alex are not on the same page and may not even be talking right now. If girls can be simps, Sofia is definitely one. I can’t hate on her, but this behavior isn’t very #daddygang of her. I hope one day soon the girls figure it out with Barstool and suitman gets dropped, so they can tell the full story together in a regular Wednesday episode of Call Her Daddy.

If you want to listen to El Pres’ take of what went down, so you can hear it from the man himself. Here you go!

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