Who will start for the Bears? Mr. Biscuit VS Big Stick Nick

Let’s dive right into one of the biggest debates so far this offseason. Who is going to be the Chicago Bears starting quarterback week 1?

If you like to go by Vegas odds, you would choose Nick Foles. His odds of winning the starting job according to Vegas are -320. If you wanted to take the under dog and win some cash you would take Trubisky where according to Vegas odds are +200. If you are a Bears fan like myself, all you are wishing for is an offense who can move the ball and not lose by bad quarterback play. The Chicago Bears and quarterback history has been a rough ride. Looking at the top three quarterbacks in Bears history we have Sid Luckman, Jim McMahon, and Jay Cutler. Not the greatest looking list, and when the Bears traded up to get Trubisky with the second pick, it brought hope to us fans that this was finally going to be our guy!

Mitchell Trubisky

Yes, we know we passed up on Patrick Mahomes, and Deshaun Watson. We get reminded of that every single day. It is impossible for Chicago to go back and fix their pick, so let’s move on from the what if, or can’t believe you didn’t pick Watson or Mahomes subject. In the 2017 NFL Draft the Chicago Bears selected Mitchell Trubisky with the second overall pick. Many fans were skeptical of the pick considering Trubisky only started his senior year at North Carolina. The upside with Trubisky is he is a big strong guy, with a strong arm, and is very athletic. The downside is his inability to breakdown defenses at times, and accuracy. I know those are two major intangibles that an NFL QB needs, but that also comes with experience. Only playing one year in college really hurt him with not having a lot of experience. Let’s breakdown the positive outlooks with Trubisky. In 2018 his first full season as the Bears starting quarterback, he has 3,222 passing yards, 24 touchdowns, 12 interceptions, and an impressive 95.4 QBR. He was selected to the pro bowl that season, and even won the division and made the playoffs. We all know what happens next, the infamous “double Doink” (I’m still mad at you Cody Parky). Trubisky played his butt off that game, made all the right throws, and should have been the MVP of the game. In 2019 Trubisky gets put on blast because, the team doesn’t play to expectations. He didn’t have a great season and missed a lot of big throws. However the Bears had so many issues on the offensive line, and the defense struggled as well. When Trubisky dislocated his shoulder in week 3 he never came back the same. But the man is a warrior and played through the pain for his team. 2019 does not define Mitchell Trubisky as a player, but it does show his heart, willingness to leave it all out on the field for his teammates, and his love and dedication to the game of football!

Nick Foles

Nick Foles has had a crazy NFL journey. He was drafted in 2013 by the Philadelphia Eagles with the 88th pick. He then went to the St. Louis Rams, Kansas City Chiefs, back to the Eagles (where he won a super bowl), to the Jaguars, and now to the Bears. Foles is known for his late game heroics, the Philly special, and the nickname BDN. Foles has a career record of 26-22 as a starter, not the greatest. However, the man knows how to win when it matters most, especially in the playoffs. Foles has worked with head coach Matt Nagy, offensive coordinator Bill Lazor, and quarterbacks coach John DeFilippo all before. Now, Foles will be coming into an offense that he already knows how to run, and knows what is expected from him. Bringing in Foles was a solid move by the Bears. He is a veteran guy, who has proven he can win on the biggest stage. A big physical quarterback who has great accuracy throwing the football when given time. However, Foles has never played a full season before, and when given the starting job at the beginning of the season has not performed well. He hasn’t started more than six games in a season since 2015. Foles will be great for the QB competition between himself and Trubisky. They will both push each other to be great, and if one doesn’t perform well, the other will be put into the game.

Let the battle begin! You heard it here first folks, the Chicago Bears starting QB this up coming season will be Mitchell Trubisky. The Bears have invested a lot into this young man. He has proven he can play at an elite level. Trubisky will be hungrier than ever this season. Foles will push him to play great, and bringing over quarterbacks coach John DeFilippo, will be great for him and his development. Trubisky will need to show he can read defenses and be able to throw accurate balls under a pressured pocket. I believe he will get it done and will be the most improved offensive player. However, if he plays mediocre the first two weeks, Nick Foles will get the keys to the car, and the offense will be his. But for now it is “Trubisky 2020”.

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