Outer Banks Season 2 Predictions – What will we see?

The Outer Banks has taken Netflix viewers by storm. I went into this show wanting to not like it because of how much hype it had, but let’s face it: We all wish we were friends with the pogues. If you missed our recap of Season 1, catch it here. These predictions for Season 2 are things I think will definitely happen, and I will explain why, so if you are avoiding Season 1 spoilers, get outta here now.

Sheriff Peterkin is alive.

Nobody officially confirmed Peterkin’s death. We watched Peterkin go into the hospital, and that is the last we saw of her. There are two instances in which her “death” is mentioned later on. 1.) Ward tells Rafe that Peterkin is not alive before telling Rafe the plan to frame John B. 2.) Deputy Sheriff Shoupe states about John B, “He shot miss Pete down like a dog in the street.” Without full confirmation of her death from a credible character or physically watching her die, I’m not buying it. I mean, John B fell about 40 feet and only got a concussion and a broken wrist. Then he drove into a tropical depression and just got kind of cold. I think Miss Pete is alive… But at what cost?

JJ’s dad will die.

I’m not talking about later in the season, either. I actually think he is already dead. The last thing we saw of him was passing out next to a pretty empty bottle of pills. I do not think he will wake up. JJ already went through a shitstorm of emotions in Season 1, and this would make for a wild subplot of Season 2.

There will be an entire episode serving as a bio-pic of Ward.

Here are 4 predictions for the price of one. How did Ward come from the cut to be so rich and how did he know Big John anyway? I believe Ward and Big John were childhood friends on the cut, so once Ward got rich, he offered to help John knowing he could take part of the treasure. Why did he live in the cut if his dad and grandfather and he all went to UNC- Chapel Hill? I think the explanation will have something to do with the divide being less severe back in his day. How did he know to search for Big John’s compass if Scooter never made it back home after finding it? I think that Scooter gave him radio confirmation before he was lost at sea, and since Ward’s relationship with Scooter and Big John was a secret, Ward hired the two goons to go after the compass for him. We saw Peterkin say “We’re even now” in the same scene that Ward gets the compass… But why did she owe him at all? Ward probably helped her get to become the Sheriff or he blackmailed her with something from her past to help her keep the position. I am expecting answers to Ward’s secretive past in Season 2.

Deputy Sheriff Shoupe will not find any proof of Ward’s guilt.

Shoupe is already in Ward’s back pocket. Peterkin alluded to that multiple times by keeping secrets from Shoupe and looking at him when Scooter’s wife warns her that, “Ward has a lot of friends.” Out of the three people that know anything about Ward killing Big John: One is in hiding, wanted by the SBI, and on his way to the Bahamas. One is in the hospital, presumed dead. One is in hiding and knows she is in severe danger. She probably will go into hiding or leave the Outer Banks leaving nobody to tell Shoupe of Big John’s murder. At least until Peterkin is back in action.

Pope will be denied the scholarship, but will be offered it later.

I expect that due to Pope’s running out on his interview he will be denied the scholarship in one of the early Season 2 episodes, especially considering the interviewers probably thought he was on drugs for claiming he found the Royal Merchant with no proof. I am expecting the media to somehow provide evidence that the Merchant has been found (without the treasure) which will make the scholarship folk reach out to Pope and offer both apologies and the scholarship in the season 2 finale. I could see Pope having hatched the plan to get the footage.

John B’s mom or uncle will come back to OBX.

It just seems like this will happen.

There will be an Outer Banks reunion in Nassau, Bahamas.

We anticipate that John B and Sarah will dock in Nassau, but who else will be there? My guess is everyone, and here’s the how and why. Ward will not be found guilty of anything (at least at first) and will go to Nassau to get the gold. Rafe will become the enforcer for Barry, Rafe’s drug dealer who knows Rafe shot Peterkin, and who I believe coincidentally gets his cocaine from Nassau. They will both go there together since Barry is fresh out of drugs right now. The pogues (JJ, Pope, and Ki), assuming John B and Sarah are dead, will attempt to go get the gold only to get there and see John B in the flesh, probably already in a quarrel with Ward.

Topper will become a pogue-kook hybrid, and he will ditch Rafe as a friend.

Topper pretty much sucked until the last bell-tower scene in episode 9. He showed redeemable qualities then, and I think he has noticed how much of a psychopath Rafe is. Looking back, Topper always looked at Rafe with disgust every time Rafe almost killed Pope or JJ in a fight. Also, why is Rafe almost 20 hanging with only 16 year olds anyway??? My thought is that Topper will befriend Ki first, then JJ and Pope after somehow proving his loyalty.

I have plenty more predictions where these came from. This show could go so many directions. To be completely fair, no confirmation has been made that Season 2 will happen… but come on. If COVID-19 ruins season 2 of OBX like it ruined season 2 of the XFL, hands will be thrown.

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