Season 1 of Dave is Over. Go Binge Watch it on Hulu or FXX Now!

Dave Burd’s aka “Lil Dicky” first season of his new show Dave is over. Most people think of Lil Dicky as just a funny rapper. He is much more than that and has such a creative mind for all types of entertainment. I was on the hype train for this show from the beginning. As soon as FX had started showing previews I knew this would be a funny and entertaining show. It is so much more than that however, as it dives into the relationships of the different characters and gives us great serious moments as well. The storytelling is fantastic as it is a semi-autobiography of his climb to fame and stardom.

I guarantee when you watch this show there are scenes and story lines that you have never experienced ever in a TV show (just wait until the finale and you’ll definitely know what I mean). There are also several cameos from some of the biggest names in both the music industry and pop culture as a whole. By the end of it you’ll be listening to Professional Rapper and So Hard trying to connect some of his songs to different moments in the show.

I have no doubt that FX will be begging Dave to come back and do a season 2 which I really hope he does. The only thing I ask is that we get more than 10 episodes cause I can’t get enough.

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