What if the Bears took Patrick Mahomes over Mitch Trubisky

Before I start this I want to both apologize to the Bears fans, and thank the Bears front office for an all time blunder in the draft. Not only did they pass on Patrick Mahomes, but they could’ve had Deshaun Watson too. There are draft busts like Ryan Leaf and JaMarcus Russell, but those guys didn’t have superstar QB’s drafted after them in the first round. When that happens the only thing you can think of is what if…

Bears Draft Patrick Mahomes #2 Overall

Let me just start off by saying I believe John Fox would still be the head coach of the Bears. Fox was fired after the 2017 season after a 3rd consecutive losing season. That season the Bears were last in the league in passing yards and second to last in passing touchdowns. When you bring in Patrick Mahomes all that changes and now you have at worst an above average offense to go along with their defense. Fast forward to the end of the year I would assume that the Bears are either a wildcard team or just miss the playoffs, but have a good enough season for Fox to keep his job. He would also then get the type of credit Andy Reid has gotten for developing Mahomes.

Now for the sake of my story lets assume the Bears still make the trade with the Raiders and bring in Khalil Mack that offseason. Lets also assume that they get one or two more offensive weapons as well. Lets face it from what they would have seen from Mahomes as a rookie they would have been trying to bring in all kinds of talent around him because they know it wouldn’t be wasted. That brings us to the 2018 season where the Bears were the #1 scoring defense in the NFL. I strongly believe that the Bears would have won Super Bowl LIII if they would have drafted Mahomes. That Bears defense could have carried half of the leagues QBs to the Super Bowl. Patriots vs. Rams was a 13-3 snoozer. In 3 career games against Bill Belichick Mahomes put up 40, 31 and 23. Safe to say the Bears would have been hoisting the Lombardi trophy with years of success ahead of them…

Kansas City Chiefs Stick With Alex Smith

First and foremost lets get the good news out. If Smith stays in Kansas City he probably doesn’t end up injuring his leg which has all but ended his career. Now I’ll start with why I was happy when the Chiefs made the decision to move off Smith. He’s a really good QB, but has always been that guy who can get you to the playoffs, but not doing anything from there. The Chiefs had a 1-4 playoff record with Smith with their only win coming against the Brian Hoyer led Texans. Not to mention having 3 of the most gut wrenching playoff losses in history. Each having the most improbable ways to lose a game. They were stagnant with Smith and had reached their ceiling. I’m getting side tracked looking back at the depressing history of the Chiefs. We’re great now, and I’m happy! Let’s talk about what would have happened if the Bears knew what they were doing.

The 2017 season would have played out the same since Mahomes sat behind Smith that year. Although one could say that Alex Smith had his best statistical season because he was motivated by the heir apparent looking over his shoulder. We move on to 2018 and I would bet that the Chiefs would have ended up being a wild card team. The Chargers won 12 games that year and almost won the division and that is with Mahomes throwing for 5,000 yards and 50 touchdowns. I could see us ending up at 9-7 or maybe even 10-6. Don’t forget we had the worst defense in the league and wouldn’t have even had Kendall Fuller who came because of the Alex Smith trade. At that point we either go to Houston or Baltimore in Wildcard Weekend. Even if we were to beat one of them it’s unlikely that we end up beating the Patriots or even the Chargers in the divisional round so it’s another playoff exit for Alex Smith and Andy Reid.

The 2018 season was the last year on Smiths deal, but for the sake of the story lets assume he is brought back for at least one more year if not signed to an extension already. I would imagine that the 2019 season is very similar to the 2018 and all the other ones in the Smith; Reid era. And if that would have been the case the Chiefs would really be looking themselves in the mirror and thinking where are we going???

Lets be thankful the front office took a look at themselves when they did, and trusted the judgement of Brett Veach to pull the trigger on Patrick Mahomes. The Chiefs can look forward to 10-15 years of excellence, and well for the Bears… there’s always next year.

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