Too Hot to Handle’s Haley is a Bad Look for Sorority Girls Everywhere

I wanna start by saying, we at Top Shelf Takes like all of the sorority women out there, but dude this girl SUCKS. Maybe even one of the worst reality TV stars I have ever seen. Think Angelina from Jersey Shore, but in some ways so much worse. There are a lot of likable people on Netflix’s newest love show Too Hot to Handle, but Haley is by far the worst. First off, she has a tattoo on her back in a foreign language, and has no idea what language it is or even what it means. Secondly, she makes out with Francesca for the sole purpose of losing the entire group $3,000. She also has no idea where Australia is (which I’m not sure is true, but I’d believe it). Oh, and don’t forget she consistently shits on her fellow cast mates for buying into the process and wanting to make themselves better people and have healthier relationships. She hates everyone and everything and causes drama in the house just for shits and giggles. The reason that this is bad for sorority women everywhere is because the very first thing this girl does in her introduction in the show is do her sorority’s (Zeta Tau Alpha) chant and talk about her life in college. It’s obviously a major part of her identity, and throughout the show she projects every negative stereotype that girls in sororities are just pretty, dumb girls that are all about themselves. And that sucks, because I know a lot of sorority women, and very few are as dumb, manipulative and just straight up mean as Haley. In no way am I attacking sorority girls at all, but this individual sorority girl is definitely not a good look. (And before I get attacked in the comments, I know, I’m a simp)

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