Top 10 Mustaches to Grow During Quarantine

So it looks like we’re all going to be home for the next month if not more, nobody to talk to, nobody to meet, nobody to see in person. You’re a respectable guy, you probably go with the trends, you don’t see people you know sporting mustaches 24/7. You’ve seen a few from the generation above you but you never got the chance to try. I’m here to tell you this is you time to shine.

You will sit on a grand throne, stuffing your face with the most eloquent and expensive potato chips, binge watching Tiger King, You(Season 2), and whatever else they just put on Netflix. You need a Mustache to match that energy.

We are generating our takes from the resources at, where they go into more detail on how to maintain this look and how to style. Each picture has a link to on how to keep each style maintained individually.

Also, I do not recommend wearing the top 3 outside your house but that’s my opinion.

10. The Goatee


Although not a mustache but very common, the Goatee has been used in many cultures for centuries most notably in ancient Greece. The greek god Pan was usually depicted with the Goatee. This style grew to be popular in the 1940s with many young people after World War II. While this style hit it’s peak in the 1960s, it fell out during the 90s.

9. The Anchor


The Anchor beard, as you can see by the shape, comes from the nautical anchor. Commonly worn by Robert Downey Jr. in the Iron Man Marvel series, this style has a certain upscale flair. This is sometimes called the inverted “T”.

8. The Circle


The circle beard, somewhat popular, Leonardo Dicaprio wears this style a lot. From my viewpoint this style is somewhat popular in our day in age.

7. The Royal


This style was popular in France during the second empire. It is very similar to the Anchor but appears more fuller overall. This style is also called the Imperial.

6. The Balbo


The Balbo was named after Italo Balbo who was an Italian Air Marshall under Mussolini in World War II. This style is similar to the anchor but it has a fuller beard without sideburns, it is in the same family as the inverted “T” but it is without the clean look of the anchor.

5. The Original Stache


The original mustache comes from the French word “Moustache”. General popularity was highest in the 1880s and 1890s. This style has always linked itself with traditional values and conservatism also with having deep roots in military and religious people.

4. The Chevron


The Chevron draws a lot of comparisons to the original but it extends horizontally more than the original. This is the typical look for actor Tom Selleck. This style is usually worn more fuller and sharper.

3. The Van Dyke

Van Dyke

This style comes from the 17th century Flemish painter Anthony Van Dyke, who was a prominent European painter. His job title was a “Court Painter”, which is the artist to is responsible for painting members of royalty, his was the English Crown. This style also became popular in the 19th century when Vladimir Lenin had this during his rise to power.

Traditionally this style comes to a point in three corners, much like the handlebar mustache.

2. The Gunslinger


Origins are unknown… but it looks cool.

1. The Horseshoe


The Horseshoe, also called the biker, this style has become more popular in recent times worn by Pro Wrestler Hulk Hogan and former Zoo owner Joseph Allen Maldonado-Passage known as “Joe Exotic”. It gained popularity in the 1980s.

Joe Exotic

Above we see Exotic posing with his well maintained Horseshoe mustache and one of his beautiful tigers. He has gained popularity in the Netflix documentary “Tiger King” which released in March 2020.

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