Why having your phone on “Dark Mode” is 10x better than “Light Mode”

Ultimately, setting your phone preferences is your decision and should be based on what you think is best for you. However, what if I told you there is an absolute, 100% correct preference you should set your phone to? Yes, you got it, it’s Dark Mode. And here’s why.

How to use Dark Mode on your iPhone or iPad - TechRepublic
  1. Clearly, there are health concerns for being on your phone too much. You shouldn’t be. Go out and have conversations. But dark Mode, based on virtually no research, has very limited health effects. Mainly, decreasing your risk of damage to your long-term vision. This is true whether or not you have corrected vision. Recent studies have concluded that not only is dark mode better for those of us who stare at our phones for hours on end, it actually allows our eyes to focus better when focusing. For example, when computer screens were first invented, they actually were made with a dark background and white text. This allows for the letters to form crisper edges and our pupils to contract and focus on what we are reading instead of widening because of the glare a light mode screen produces. This is especially true at night when people are reading from their phones in their dark bedrooms.
  2. If you want to stand out more at work or in social settings, change to dark mode. I personally have gained more confidence by switching to the dark mode. Before, I was shy and was perfectly content with myself. Now, I feel powerful and on top of the world. No one can stop me. People are constantly wanting to be my friend and it’s all because I set my phone to dark mode. Work places will say tools for success are leadership, teamwork, drive, etc. Now, they are going to start adding setting your phone to dark mode as a tool for success. If I was a boss, the first question I would ask an interviewee is if they have their phone set to dark mode. That sets the trend for the interview and allows me to effectively judge whether or not they will be an asset to my business.
  3. Now that you understand that dark mode has some health benefits compared to light mode (I said some, not all of them you wannabe Meredith Grey’s) as well as your overall performance at work and socially, I will lastly argue that dark mode enhances your phone attraction. I dare you to Google who you think is an attractive celebrity and you will find that they look best in darker colors. The same goes for your phone screen. All your apps, social media, and text messages will look better in dark mode. That is because dark is mysterious, scary, unfeeling. You could read a text in light mode that says “Hey” but in dark mode that same text of “Hey” actually means more than face value. Think about it. Dark mode has this attraction that light mode just cannot handle.

It hasn’t been until recently that researchers are able to conduct vast amounts of research on the amount of time one is spending on their smart phone and what mode of light their phone is set to. Obviously, this hasn’t been a feature of the iPhone for enough time for there to be conclusive results. So, the evidence might not be the best so don’t shoot me if your eyes hurt after looking at dark mode for a while. It’s still a phone, you shouldn’t do that.

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