NFL 2020 Predictions

Since we are all for the most part quarantined and have no sports to watch, we will do some predicting for the upcoming season. I am going to give you my predictions for the upcoming 2020 season pre-draft. Each week I will dive into a division and tell you how I think each team will do in the upcoming season. I will tell you who I believe will be your division winners, MVP, and, Super Bowl Champs, and much more. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the content.

NFC North

Green Bay Packers

First up, in my opinion, the toughest division in football. Last year the Green Bay Packers won the division with a 13 and 3 record. The Packers leaned on a heavy rushing attack from Aaron Jones and Jamaal Williams. Jones solidified himself as one of the top backs in the league. With not only his rushing ability but being able to catch balls out of the backfield. He was a major reason for the Packers success. Lets not forget about the great one two punch of Rodgers and Adams. Last year the injury bug struck Adams for a lot of the season. He still had 83 receptions for 997 yards. Now Rodgers still playing at an elite level. He threw for 4,002 yards (11th in the league), 26 touchdowns (8th in the league), and only 4 interceptions (tied for 1st) . The Packers for the most part will be returning all major contributors on offense, as well as another year of perfecting the offense from Head Coach Matt LaFleur. The Packers are always in the talk of a Super Bowl run, as long as Rodgers and company can stay healthy, the defense doesn’t lose them games, and the fill the void of Bryan Bulaga the great veteran right tackle.

Record Prediction: 10 – 6

Minnesota Vikings

The Vikings placed second in the division last year with a 10 and 6 record. They won vs the Saints in the wildcard game, which was a really good win for them. But would lose in the next round vs the 49ers. The Vikings just gave Kirk Cousins a two year extension going into the 2020 season. But they took away one of his best weapons, when they traded Stefon Diggs to the Bills. They still have one of the best running backs in the league in Dalvin Cook who ran for 1135 yards and 13 touchdowns. The only question mark with Dalvin is his health and availability. Cousins still has Adam Thielen, but the 29 year old had a down year last year, mostly due to injury. Will he have a more productive year now that he is the sure cut number one receiver? Or will his production start trending to mediocracy now that Diggs is gone and all the pressure is on him? I think the Vikings have a lot of offseason needs still. Some help at the wide receiver position, offensive line, and on defense, they need some help in the secondary, and defensive tackle. I believe the defense will struggle as well as Kirk Cousins. And if these positions are not filled properly on both sides of the ball, either in free agency or the draft, my prediction of 7 and 9 will more than likely stay true.

Record Prediction: 7 – 9

Chicago Bears

As we all know, the Chicago Bears underachieved last year. Heading into 2020, the team has high expectations with an extremely good defense lead by Khalil Mack. But after a disappointing ending to the 2018 season due to the double doink, the Bears looked to have never recovered from that memory mentally. In 2019, the Bears could never really beat an above .500 team. The only above .500 or right at .500 record teams that they beat were the Cowboys, and Vikings twice. This is a team who goes into the 2020 season with many question marks. Let’s get the number one question out of the way first. Will Mitch Trubisky be the starter? Also, if he is the starter, will Nick Foles be the guy to push Mitch? No question Mitch is on the hot seat. This year is a make or break year. The Bears are bringing in Nick Foles, someone who the coaching staff is familiar with, and someone who knows the offense that Nagey wants to run. I think Nick will push Mitch to be better, and Mitch is working with the staff on how to read defenses more efficiently. Another thing people forget is Mitch was not truly healthy after the Vikings game in Week 4, when he dislocated his non throwing shoulder. With that being said, the Bears still have to answer some questions on the offensive line, tight-end, and the secondary on the defensive side of the ball. They also still need to get an extension signed with their most productive offensive weapon in Allen Robinson. However, the Bears have been very active in free agency. They signed the veteran, Jimmy Graham, to hopefully fill the void at tight-end. They also brought in Robert Quinn, a great player who just makes the defense that much better. I think that the Bears will have a much better season in 2020 and the “Monsters of the Midway” will carry the team to the playoffs.

Record Prediction: 12-4

Detroit Lions

The Detroit Lions a team that looks to be trending in an upward direction to make the NFC North just that much better. A team who has an elite quarterback when healthy, and two solid wide-recievers. They signed Jamie Collins and Nick Williams to help out on defense. Who in my opinion are two great pickups. Collins familiar with Patricia, and Williams a great young player with upside. They have the number three pick in the draft as well, which is one of the most talked about draft spots so far. What will they do with that pick? Will they take someone like Tua Tagovailoa who could be a generational type Quarterback, with some questions surrounding him about his health. Or will they take someone like Isaiah Simmons who can basically play all positions on defense. It is no secret that Matt Stafford is a guy who struggles to stay on the field. But when he is on the field he is a top QB in the league. Kenny Golladay and Marvin Jones Jr. are two great young receivers on an offense that is inconsistent. When Stafford is healthy and they are able to get the ground game going, mixed in with plays from Golladay and Jones this is a team that can surprise people. They still have tons of unanswered questions on both sides of the ball, but have a plethora of draft picks to fix those problems. The biggest unanswered questions is who fills the spot of Darius Slay, running back help, and who do you take with that number 3 pick. I think that the Lions will struggle again this year but the light is starting to shine for a team with a good coach in Matt Patricia, an elite QB when healthy, and some good young pieces on both sides of the ball.

Record Prediction: 6-10

Division Breakdown

Taking a look at this division you can see wins will not come easy. I think all four teams will play all games close. I also think a team like the Vikings will regress in 2020, with to many unanswered questions so far on both sides of the ball. I think the Chicago Bears will live up to the hype in 2020, win the division with a 12 and 4 record, and make a strong push in the playoffs. They will be lead by a strong defensive front and an improved offense. But let’s not forget about the Packers who I think split games with Chicago during the regular season and make the playoffs as a wild-card. Lastly the Lions, they are just a couple years out from truly competing for a division title and a playoff birth. Again, I think they will be a team that is in every game but will fall short and end the season with a 6 and 10 record.

Schedule of my Predictions

Schedule may change but for now planning on doing two divisions a week. After the draft is over, I will revisit the divisions and see which teams got better, and which teams got worse, or stayed the same. Also will revisit the playoff picture and see if my super bowl prediction stays the same.

  • NFC South
  • NFC East
  • NFC West
  • AFC North
  • AFC South
  • AFC East
  • AFC West
  • Playoff Picture / Super Bowl prediction / Accolades

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