Thank you, NFL Offseason

It has only been a week since the sports world decided to shut its doors due to the coronavirus. The world is literally upside down. I was hoping to be long gone before multiple days without sports would exist but here we are. I understand completely and wholeheartedly agree with the recommendations to shut sports down and anything where masses of people gather.

And because of that… I absolutely, 100%, hate the coronavirus. More than I hate anything in the world. Hate is a very strong word but is totally acceptable when describing one’s feelings towards this virus. I think it is suffice to say that Top Shelf Takes is Anti-Coronavirus.

As we sports fans continue to wait for normalcy to return, to leave our homes, and for grocery stores to be stockpiled with food again, we must treat every recent sporting news like the best thing since sliced bread. And after only a week into this no sports era because of the coronavirus, I have noticed that there is a certain air about this free agency that you typically only see around Christmas time… and for good reason.

The NFL offseason has just begun and is far from being over (i.e. the NFL Draft, potential trades, the coronavirus needs to go to Hell, etc.), this free agency has made us football gurus more than excited for the upcoming 2020 season. Here are some of the current shake-ups in the NFL that have made some teams playoff and/or Super Bowl contenders.

QB Tom Brady -> Tampa Bay Buccaneers
WR Stefon Diggs -> Buffalo Bills
QB Philip Rivers -> Indianapolis Colts
TE Austin Hooper -> Cleveland Browns
S Darius Slay -> Philadelphia Eagles
WR DeAndre Hopkins -> Arizona Cardinals
RB Todd Gurley -> Atlanta Falcons
WR Emmanuel Sanders -> New Orleans Saints
QB Teddy Bridgewater -> Carolina Panthers
RB Melvin Gordon -> Denver Broncos

These are just a few I can think of off the top of my head but there are so many other moves that will just blow your mind. I am officially predicting that this NFL season might be the best season yet. There are a good handful of teams who have a pretty even chance of winning the Super Bowl and even a larger pool of teams who could make a run in their division and claim one of the three wild card spots in their division.

And that reminds me, the NFLPA reached a new CBA agreement with the League and its owners so now we have a new playoff system among other things! I personally think it was the right move. A lot of the “well known” players were against adding an extra game to the season but, ultimately, there will be more football on which is a blessing in itself.

Again, thank you NFL for not postponing this offseason. Thank you for giving us a glimmer of hope by placing something positive in our lives. You have given us the necessary strength to fight this pandemic and come out swinging.

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