Why Scott Cochran Leaving Alabama is a Huge Deal

In case you have no idea who I’m talking about, Scott Cochran is the Strength and Conditioning Coach for the University of Alabama. It was announced earlier this month that Cochran would be leaving Alabama to work for former Alabama defensive coordinator at Georgia. I have read many articles, and nobody is making this out to be what it really is, Alabama is losing a massive part of its football program. This guy made $585,000 a year, more than some lower Division 1 head coaches. Some of the most physically dominant players in NFL were products of his absolutely insane workout programs.  Amari Cooper came into Alabama 6’1” and weighed 175. After three years with this god damn lunatic he put on put on forty pounds of muscle. FORTY POUNDS. While that is impressive, one of his best accomplishments in my eyes is keeping Eddie Lacy in good enough shape to sprint 60+ yards without getting caught from behind. If you don’t think that’s a feat in and of itself, an entire NFL coaching staff couldn’t even keep that man away from his McDoubles.  

            If you’ve ever watched an Alabama football game and said to yourself  “Who is that guy on Alabama’s sideline acting like he needs to be put in a mental asylum” (this is an actual quote from my grandmother), there is no doubt in my mind you were witnessing Scott Cochran in his natural habitat. In the fourth quarter of big games when every player was undoubtedly gassed and needing every bit of motivation to keep giving 100%, Scott Cochran was always there and was one of the hyped-up human beings on this planet. One of my all-time favorite stories about this maniac was before the 2018 playoff game against Georgia. After the losing the National Championship to Clemson the previous, the NCAA gave Alabama the ultimate middle finger and gave them a “runner up” trophy. Well of course everyone at Alabama loved that trophy, so they were absolutely crushed when Cochran took a sledgehammer to it in the middle of the entire locker room. The biggest kicker to this was that a couple senior players said this didn’t even make the Mount Rushmore of craziest shit he has ever done. Scott Cochran was the crucial piece of the heart and soul of the Crimson Tide’s football team, and if I were Nick Saban, I would be searching the nearest psychiatric ward for his next strength and conditioning coach. From a diehard Crimson Tide fan, thank you for your service Scott.  


(Just in case you don’t believe the runner up trophy story, here’s a link to the video)

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