The Coronavirus: The Virus that Stopped the World

We are officially one week into this mass quarantine due to the pandemic taking over the world, the Coronavirus. I am officially terrified more of what this virus is doing people’s rationality than the virus itself. We are in a time of mass hysteria where people are completely losing their minds, making irrational decisions, and causing mass panic. And unfortunately, this is just the beginning.

I’m not going to give out statistics and all that (you should look them up by the way). I’m just going to tell you how it is. People should take this virus seriously since there are lives at risk. However, we must remain rational. Who would have thought a virus which begins with the symptoms of a common cold could cause the world to come to a screeching halt both socially and economically?

The answer: Chaos. I watched Semi-Pro this weekend. A good comparison to today’s panic is the scene where Will Ferrell’s character, Jackie Moon, fights a bear in a closed cage, the bear is let out, and Jackie proceeds to run in circles screaming “Everyone Panic!” into a microphone causing the whole gymnasium to be consumed with chaos. That is exactly what is happening.

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The panic and hysteria really set in when the sports world got involved, before the government came in and started announcing their plan to kick ass. All professional and collegiate sports decided to shut down their seasons and quarantine their players and staff thus stopping the normal world as we know it. It started with NBA suspending their season for at least 30 days (probably will be more by the looks of it). Then the NCAA cancelled March Madness turning this month into March Sadness (shoot me if you must). To wrap it all up, the NHL and MLB both postponed their seasons. Schools even shut their doors for a 5-month Summer. Seniors have lost their final seasons. Graduating students will not be able to walk at commencement. The arguments for the cancellations and suspensions were centered around deterring large crowds which, of course, sporting events encounter each night. As sad and confusing this is, I am not a complete idiot. Protecting the people against this disease is much bigger than my personal entertainment. So long sports, we will hopefully see you again before too long.

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With sports gone, the public in isolation, and social media buzzing about the impact of the virus, people are left trying to figure out when their lives will get back to normal. The news media is coming out with a report almost every minute on this virus, causing people to believe that this is in fact the end. We are doomed. This is the government’s fault. Blah blah blah. When there is no alternative, what do people do? Panic and act irrational. People are literally cleaning the shelves at grocery stores. Touching things in the back of the shelves that haven’t been touched in years. No more toilet paper, no more chicken noodle soup, no more bleach, no more mac n cheese, and the list goes on and on.

Image result for people fighting over toilet paper gif

These news outlets are equivalent to money grubbing whores. They are going to produce headlines that make the most money, regardless of the repercussions. Thank you multi-million dollar media companies for contributing to the widespread anxiety of our nation. Now, the whole world is pretty much shutting down. Why don’t we report the number of people who have survived as well? Why aren’t experts coming up with a solution? Because death and sickness are more thrilling headlines. Even though the flu, cancer, and car wrecks kill more people on a daily basis, this is a new disease that people do not understand. And the media takes advantage of the people who do not know. We live in a messed up world where people dying from a disease will make more money than someone beating that same disease.

The best possible solution to all this mass hysteria I can think of is to trust what the medical professionals are saying. Practice clean hygiene, stay away from large groups of people, do not go out unless you have to (i.e., work, grocery store, hospital, etc.), and most of all, use common sense. Do what you can to help yourself and the others around you. The chances of you personally getting this virus are slim to none and even slimmer of chances of the virus actually doing anything to you. But they can and have killed those whose immune systems have been compromised either due to age or illness. So, just use your head and be courteous. The last thing anyone needs is for someone to think they are untouchable and put everyone’s life at risk. Pretty much @ any freaking 20 something year old going on spring break, to crowded bars and concerts, or hanging around large crowds. Ya’ll suck. I’m not saying I’m right about any of this but it is what it is.

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This is 100% the survival of the fittest. How can 21st century America function without normalcy? No sports, no going to the outlets or movies, absolutely no mass gatherings or social interactions of any kind. People going to these over crowded places are literally so ballsy and, honestly, disrespectful towards those being effected or fighting this virus. Practice social distancing. Some of us introverts have been doing it our whole lives so piece of cake. But you other extrovert freaks, get a grip and realize this isn’t about you. You people panicking and buying all the food and supplies in the world, chill out and think about how there are elderly and sickly people who need that over you. The person who recognizes that, will survive. No doubt.

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In short, the Boss’s Take is this: The World will continue to turn despite the coronavirus. Yes, it should be taken seriously, and everyone should do what they can to Yes, what is happening sucks and it seems like the world is ending. However, it is our job to do what we can to protect these vulnerable people. George Washington would.

P.S. Shout out to all those in the healthcare field. You’re the real rockstars.

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