NFL Mock Draft

Making a mock draft with this kind of free agency, the new CBA deal, and the fact that the coronavirus is taking over the world really makes this one of the hardest tasks I have ever taken on. But you gotta do what you gotta do.

Coming away from this combine, we learned that this class is absolutely loaded on both sides of the ball. Some positions more than others but nevertheless, 100% stacked. For a GM of any team looking to add talent at a position, this is fantastic news. However, their draft rooms could become a madhouse with so many teams wanting to trade up or down or trade picks or if you’re the Browns, you do absolutely nothing to protect the future of your franchise, my boy Baker Mayfield. Only time will tell.

A lot of these picks can change and probably will change throughout the course of free agency and upcoming Pro Days. But for the sake of a mock draft, why not implore into the rumors circulating and actually pick where some of these players could go, despite what most “experts” predict. There are no trades and these picks are based on who is available when that team is drafting and each team’s current needs. 

NFL Mock Draft-Post Combine and 1 week before free agency

Joe Burrow

                LSU QB Joe Burrow

  1. Cincinnati Bengals-Joe Burrow, QB, LSU
    1. Year: Senior (RS) || 6’4” / 221 lbs. 
    2. Why: This one is pretty obvious. Burrow has been the #1 pick for almost half a year and he said at the Combine he will play for whomever drafts him. Good luck in Cincy.
    3. Team Needs: QB, EDGE, WR

Alabama QB Tua Tagovailoa

  1. Washington Redskins-Tua Tagovailoa, QB, Alablama
    1. Year: Junior || 6’0” / 217 lbs. 
    2. Why: This is where it can get complicated. Conventional wisdom says the Redskins will draft the best player in EDGE Chase Young. However, there are rumors they could draft a QB in the first round even after drafting one last year. A healthy Tua could easily be a steal for the Redskins. I could also see multiple teams possibly trading for this spot to get a QB as well. With a new regime, comes a new QB. 
    3. Team Needs: EDGE, OT, WR

Ohio State EDGE Chase Young

  1. Detroit Lions-Chase Young, EDGE, Ohio State
    1. Year: Junior || 6’5” / 264 lbs.
    2. Why: The Lions have to be in the luckiest spot. They could trade this pick and still get away with drafting a high caliber player. But with the Redskins drafting their QB, the best player in this year’s draft falls in Matt Patricia’s lap. 
    3. Team Needs: LB, CB, EDGE

Clemson LB Isaiah Simmons

  1. New York Giants-Isaiah Simmons, LB, Clemson
    1. Year: Junior || 6’4” / 238 lbs. 
    2. Why: Simmons literally blew everyone out of the waters at the Combine, he is a swiss army knife on the defensive side of the ball, and his tape causes Dave Gettlemen to fall in love with him. The Giants could also be in the mix for a trade with this pick. Look for Simmons to make a major contribution to a horrendous Giants defense.
    3. Team Needs: OT, EDGE, LB

Oregon QB Justin Herbert

  1. Miami Dolphins-Justin Herbert, QB, Oregon
    1. Year: Senior || 6’6” / 236 lbs.
    2. Why: The chances Miami stays put at 5 are very low…extremely low. But they do what they do by missing out on making a big move for their franchise and have to shoot their shot with Herbert. Not a terrible shot by any means but the “what if” factor starts to float around as Miami struggles to make it to .500.
    3. Team Needs: QB, EDGE, OT

Alabama OT Jedrick Willis

  1. Los Angeles Chargers-Jedrick Willis, OT, Alabama
    1. Year: Junior || 6’4” / 312 lbs. 
    2. Why: Since the end of the season, the Chargers have pretty much let it be known they are in full rebuild mode. The first indication was ending the Philip Rivers era. RIP my friend. The second indication was the swapping of Pro Bowl lineman with the Panthers. The Chargers are officially #TakingforTrevor and it will become more evident with this pic of Willis. Also look for Mekhi Becton. Absolute monster and stud.
    3. Team Needs: QB, OT, CB

Ohio State CB Jeff Okudah

  1. Carolina Panthers-Jeff Okudah, CB, Ohio State
    1. Year: Junior || 6’1” / 205 lbs. 
    2. Why: The Panthers are going to stick with Cam Newton. They know what they are going to get with him and maybe, just maybe, Matt Rhule could get him back to his MVP form. Anyway, this defense lost the BEST linebacker in the NFL in Luke Keuchly this offseason. Their defense as a whole needs revamped and it starts with Okudah shutting down receivers and forcing turnovers.
    3. Team Needs: IDL, QB, CB

Louisville OT Mekhi Becton

  1. Arizona Cardinals-Mekhi Becton, OT, Louisville
    1. Year: Junior || 6’7” / 364 lbs.
    2. Why: Boo-yah! Cliff Kingsbury could go either WR or OT with this pick and he will not be wrong with either or. The Cardinals do need some more weapons but in a division that has arguably the top defenses (more so defensive lines) in the League, they have to protect their QB. Mekhi Becton is an absolute specimen that can offer that protection along with the extension of DJ Humphries.
    3. Team Needs: WR, IDL, OT

South Carolina EDGE Javon Kinlaw

  1. Jacksonville Jaguars-Javon Kinlaw, EDGE, South Carolina
    1. Year: Junior || 6’5” / 324 lbs.
    2. Why: Doug Marrone is coaching for his job this season. He needs a lot of things on both sides of the ball. This pick could be a boom or a bust but after listening and reading about players who played against Kinlaw, this guy could be a difference maker for a team that competes in an up-and-coming top tier division in the AFC South. He plays like a man among boys according to pretty much everyone.
    3. Team Needs: CB, LB, S

Iowa OT Tristan Wirfs

  1. Cleveland Browns-Tristan Wirfs, OT, Iowa
    1. Year: Junior || 6’5” / 320 lbs.
    2. Why: The Browns infuriate me. They failed miserably this season. They took a major step back despite adding some of the best free agent talent in 2019. They didn’t even touch the offensive line and everyone in the football world knew that was exactly what they should have done! But whatever move on to 2020. Wirfs is a tremendous athlete who could help protect the edge for Baker and give him more than 1.5 seconds to get ride of the football.
    3. Team Needs: OT, S, IDL

Georgia OT Andrew Thomas

  1. New York Jets-Andrew Thomas, OT, Georgia
    1. Year: Junior || 6’5” / 315 lbs.
    2. Why: Free Agency will dictate what the Jets do here but you cannot go wrong with protecting your franchise, mono-free, but not coronavirus free QB. Thomas makes mid-play adjustments with his blocking schemes that most offensive linemen dream about.
    3. Team Needs: OT, IOL, EDGE

Oklahoma WR Ceedee Lamb

  1. Las Vegas Raiders-Ceedee Lamb, WR, Oklahoma
    1. Year: Junior || 6’2” / 198 lbs
    2. Why: Jon Gruden will use this pick to develop his offense and add a weapon that can absolutely make the plays he only talks about. This draft will help the Raiders make a splash in Vegas and be more competitive in the AFC West. Ceedee Lamb is a big play maker in big games. He will be fun to watch.
    3. Team Needs: LB, WR, CB

Utah State QB Jordan Love

  1. Indianapolis Colts-Jordan Love, QB, Utah State
    1. Year: Junior || 6’4” / 224 lbs.
    2. Why: The Colts are one of the few teams in the league to have a solid offensive line but really nothing else going for them on that side of the ball. I could see the Colts acquiring a veteran QB in free agency and drafting their future with this pick to sit and learn. I could also see them acquiring another target to help with an aging TY Hilton.
    3. Team Needs: WR, QB, IDL

Auburn DT Derrick Brown

  1. Tampa Bay Buccaneers-Derrick Brown, DT, Auburn
    1. Year: Senior || 6’5” / 326 lbs.
    2. Why: Jameis Winston got lasik eye surgery so they are set at QB….but in reality they probably can’t afford to get rid of him. So they turn to a defense that needs some help. Derrick Brown was a huge play maker at Auburn this year that can help solidify this defense and maybe, hopefully bring the Bucs to the playoff picture.
    3. Team Needs: OT, QB, IDL

Alabama WR Jerry Jeudy

  1. Denver Broncos-Jerry Jeudy, WR, Alabama
    1. Year: Junior || 6’1” / 193 lbs.
    2. Why: John Elway has fallen in love with Drew Lock for some reason. We will see how that works. Because Elway has developed these strong feelings for Lock, he is going to do whatever he can to help him. Adding another weapon might allow Elway and Lock to take the next step in their relationship. Jeudy will be that weapon of love.
    3. Team Needs: WR, OT, LB

LSU EDGE K’Lavon Chaisson

  1. Atlanta Falcons-K’Lavon Chaisson, EDGE, LSU
    1. Year: Sophomore (RS) || 6’3” / 254 lbs.
    2. Why: The Falcons have never recovered from their 28-3 blown lead. I really don’t know if they ever will. They need another fresh generation of players to come in and help the veterans forget their performance. This starts with an electric edge rusher from LSU who may or may not wear a receiver’s number while rushing the passer.
    3. Team Needs: EDGE, CB, IDL

Alabama S Xavier McKinney

  1. Dallas Cowboys-Xavier McKinney, S, Alabama
    1. Year: Junior || 6’0” / 201 lbs.
    2. Why: Jerry’s Boys are really caught up in resigning Dak and Amari Cooper. For good reason. With this pick, they should turn their attention toward more than likely losing Byron Jones in free agency and maybe a few more DB’s. Getting a safety with this pick would be huge to help the Boys this fall.
    3. Team Needs: CB, S, IDL

LSU CB Kristian Fulton

  1. Miami Dolphins (From Pittsburgh Steelers)-Kristian Fulton, CB, LSU
    1. Year: Senior || 6’0” / 197 lbs. 
    2. Why: Miami found their QB with an earlier pick. Now they shift their focus to the other side of the ball with their 2nd of 3 first round picks. Fulton can be a centerpiece in a revamped defense.
    3. Team Needs: QB, EDGE, OT

Oklahoma LB Kenneth Murray

  1. Las Vegas Raiders (From Chicago Bears)-Kenneth Murray, LB, Oklahoma
    1. Year: Junior || 6’3” / 241 lbs.
    2. Why: Mayock and Gruden used their first pick in this round to get a big time play maker on the offensive side of the ball from Oklahoma. Now, they use their second pick to get a freakish athlete who is also an impeccable leader to head their defense. A true 3 down backer who plays downhill and can cover vast amounts of ground.
    3. Team Needs: LB, WR, CB

Florida CB CJ Henderson

  1. Jacksonville Jaguars (From Los Angeles Rams)-CJ Henderson, CB, Florida
    1. Year: Junior || 6’1” / 204 lbs.
    2. Why: The Jags go all in on their defense with this mock draft. And rightfully so. They got a man among boys for an EDGE rusher and now get an elite CB to help replace the departed Jalen Ramsey. Marrone is smart and this guy knows defense wins championships.
    3. Team Needs: CB, LB, S

                LSU LB Patrick Queen

  1. Philadelphia Eagles- Patrick Queen, LB, LSU
    1. Year: Junior || 6’0” / 229 lbs.
    2. Why: The Eagles are two years post Super Bowl win against the Patriots and they do not look like the same team. They barely won the second weakest division in all of football due in part to departed players via past free agencies and retirement. Now, they look to get back to being a SB contender with adding a strong, intimidating linebacker who led his defense to a national championship.
    3. Team Needs: CB, LB, WR

LSU WR Justin Jefferson

  1. Buffalo Bills- Justin Jefferson, WR, LSU
    1. Year: Junior || 6’1” / 201 lbs.
    2. Why: What a season for the Bills. They get back to the playoffs and are just a few plays away from winning their first playoff game since 1995. Look for McDermott to add more weapons for a budding Josh Allen. This team is on the rise and the rowdier Bills Mafia gets, the better the football gets in Buffalo.
    3. Team Needs: EDGE, WR, CB

Penn State EDGE A.J. Espensa

  1. New England Patriots- A.J. Espensa, EDGE, Penn State
    1. Year: Junior || 6’6” / 280 lbs.
    2. Why: This is going to be a wild free agency for the Patriots. We all know that. They could even trade this pick depending on how things go with Tommy Boy. But for now, things are relatively calm and things are going to according to plan. The Pats really need more offensive weapons to compete for another Super Bowl and I think they get those in free agency or later on in the draft. For now, they cannot pass on the top player on the board to help replenish an aging defense.
    3. Team Needs: EDGE, IOL, WR

TCU CB Jeff Gladney

  1. New Orleans Saints- Jeff Gladney, CB, TCU
    1. Year: Senior (RS) || 5’10”, 191 lbs.
    2. Why: The Saints cannot catch a break. Two years of successful seasons thrown away on two controversial plays both in New Orleans. Now, they look to hopefully get Drew Brees another shot at the Super Bowl by strengthening their defense and slowing down these emerging fast paced offenses.
    3. Team Needs: IOL, WR, LB

Oklahoma DT Neville Gallimore

  1. Minnesota Vikings-Neville Gallimore, DT, Oklahoma
    1. Year: Senior (RS) || 6’2” / 304 lbs.
    2. Why: When the Vikings played the 49ers to advance in the playoffs, it was pretty evident the Vikings were getting beaten in the trenches. Yes, they have a few play makers on that defensive line but the way offenses are becoming more fast paced, it is imperative you have more than enough play makers. Gallimore really helped solidify his position as a top DT in this year’s draft with his impeccable combine numbers.
    3. Team Needs: CB, IOL, IDL

USC OT Austin Jackson

  1. Miami Dolphins (From Houston Texans)-Austin Jackson, OT, USC
    1. Year: Junior || 6’5” / 322 lbs.
    2. Why: Three freaking picks in the first round. And they need all of them. I can also see Miami trading at least one of them to move up the draft board but not in this mock draft. They use their 3rd and final first round draft pick to protect their emerging franchise QB.
    3. Team Needs: QB, EDGE, OT

Houston OT Josh Jones

  1. Seattle Seahawks- Josh Jones, OT, Houston
    1. Year: Senior || 6’5” / 319 lbs. 
    2. Why: Russell Wilson is one of the most valuable QBs in the NFL. Pete Carroll understands what it takes to get his team to a Super Bowl and that is to protect your most valuable asset. Especially a division that has Aaron Donald and Nick Bosa.
    3. Team Needs: EDGE, IOL, OT

Wisconsin LB Zach Baun

  1. Baltimore Ravens- Zach Baun, LB, Wisconsin
    1. Year: Senior || 6’2” / 238 lbs.
    2. Why: The Ravens lost C.J. Moseley in free agency last year and while they still had a remarkable season, they still lacked talent at that position. Picking up Baun or any of the other top LBs in this draft will help solidify Baltimore as top threat to take the AFC crown from Kansas City. Look for Baltimore to possibly trade or add someone to replace Yanda which will be huge for their success in 2020.
    3. Team Needs: LB, IDL, EDGE

Penn State EDGE Penn State

  1. Tennessee Titans- Yetur Gross-Matos, EDGE, Penn State
    1. Year: Junior || 6’5” / 266 lbs.
    2. Why: The Titans are in a unique position this off season. They need to get back both Tannehill and Henry. That is going to be difficult and by the looks of it, almost near impossible. However, I am banking on Mike Vrabel and Co. getting it done. With that, they turn to the defense and had a mammoth of a human being screaming off the EDGE and knocking down whatever is in his path.
    3. Team Needs: EDGE, IOL, OT

Clemson WR Tee Higgins

  1. Green Bay Packers- Tee Higgins, WR, Clemson
    1. Year: Junior || 6’4” / 216 lbs.
    2. Why: Getting Aaron Rodgers some help is an absolute must and Tee Higgins at this pick will be a steal for Green Bay. He has great size and athletic ability to complement Davante Adams. The Pack does need to address the Tight End spot with Jimmy Graham departing but an outside threat is a must. Free Agency will be fun for the Pack.
    3. Team Needs: OT, WR, TE

LSU S Grant Delpit

  1. San Francisco 49ers- Grant Delpit, S, LSU
    1. Year: Junior || 6’2” / 213 lbs.
    2. Why: The 49ers blew it. We all know it. The Chiefs didn’t “win” the Super Bowl. The 49ers gave it to them. Things will change for 2020 season and it starts with adding talent and play making ability at to cover faster and bigger receivers.
    3. Team Needs: CB, IOL, S

Clemson CB A.J. Terrell

  1. Kansas City Chiefs- A.J. Terrell, CB, Clemson
    1. Year: Junior || 6’1” / 195 lbs. 
    2. Why: The Chiefs are 100% set on offense. I do not see any foreseeable flaws on that side of the ball. Adding help in the defensive backfield is a must and should be addressed with this pick. I see multiple defensive backs that could possibly be available with this pick.
    3. Team Needs: CB, IOL, RB

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