A Message from The Boss: What to expect from TopShelf Takes

Hello Everybody and welcome to TopShelf Takes! Where you can get the hottest and most accurate takes on all things you could imagine. I just want to take the time to thank you all for checking out our website and content! Almost everything about TopShelf Takes will be a work in progress as we start to develop our content and show the world the entertainment we can bring. Gradually, our goal is to expand our platform from just online blogging to eventually podcasting, interviewing personalities, and reporting on the most current events surrounding the world we live in. So, thank you for helping us get our start and tagging along for the ride to come! We would be absolutely nothing if it weren’t for our fans.

TopShelf Takes will cover all the major professional and collegiate athletics, the political world we live in, and your most favorite pop culture topics of the day as well as other things that we think we care about but actually do not. All takes will be our own since we are geniuses and can think for ourselves. Sometimes, we might post something that is on our minds like “Who wore a mustache the best?” or “Why there will never be another sitcom as great as New Girl.” Whatever, you get the point. We’re just looking to have some fun with this and gradually take over the internet. Again, thank you for viewing and let’s get going!

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